Website Design for a Musical Legend

We were honored to be chosen for Gregg Allman’s website design. This is a brief case study showcasing the work behind the site.

Gregg Allman website

The previous site can still be seen on the Wayback Machine.

Preliminary design and Style-tiles

Using our strategy document as a reference, we created three potential visual directions for the website. These style-tiles are broad stroke documents which combine color palettes, typography, textures, and images. We presented these and listened to their feedback on each, giving us confidence that we were on the same page visually.

Architecture and Wireframes

In this stage, we created a skeletal framework for the site. We referred to the business and mission objectives defined in the strategy document and created wireframes to ensure a hierarchy of information that best suited the project goals.

Tour dates wireframe

High fidelity comps

Armed with our strategy document, a clear visual direction and a hierarchy of information, we turned our wireframes into high-fidelity comps. By working iteratively and collaboratively with our client, we were able to quickly incorporate feedback and get quick design approval. Because mobile-only users surpassed the number of desktop-only users in 2015, we designed the site mobile-first, which is extremely important for SEO and usability.

Allman mobile comps


We took our approved design and our functional specs and worked closely with our talented WordPress developer to develop an intuitive interface optimized for our client’s needs. We often choose WordPress for our CMS because of its maturity, stability, maintainability, and extensibility.

We developed a custom theme which was pixel-perfect on the front end and tailored to the needs of the website manager. These made-to-order features included tabs for Band Members, Albums, and Tour Dates.

The Results

Gregg’s website gets a lot of traffic, at times over 12,000 hits per day. We are of the mind that even the most beautiful and functional website design is useless if no one sees it, so we take care to optimize our sites for speed. We were able to achieve a 97% PageSpeed score for, a solid A+.


We were very pleased to be chosen for the website design of a legend. We are proud of the site we designed and developed.

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