Healthcare marketing experience

For nearly twenty years, Resolution has partnered with hospitals and healthcare organizations to grow and expand their brand through marketing strategy, branding, advertising, and graphic design. We’re pleased to announce that we’re applying our expertise and devoting a branch of Resolution solely to healthcare marketing.

Our lens on healthcare marketing

Our mission at Resolution Agency is to make healthcare marketing more patient-centered. We’ve seen an increasing shift in the healthcare industry towards putting the power into the hands of the patient. With the advent of the internet and the increasingly rapid adoption of empowering new technologies, the healthcare industry and the healthcare consumer have changed tremendously.

While the focus on quality care remains, the industry is struggling to keep up with increasing expectations. HIPAA compliance, electronic health record systems, insurance changes, doctor and patient satisfaction scores, etc., all vie for time in the mind of the healthcare professional.

The healthcare consumer has changed as well. Empowered with instant information at the palm of their hands, the consumer is better informed and better equipped to choose a provider. Consumers now shop for providers with the same expectations they have for other industries: instant answers, informative content, and online reviews.

Because of these changes, healthcare marketers have an ever-increasing obligation to their audience to provide timely and relevant content and manage their reputation online. Where once the goal of these marketers was to promote, it is now to educate and engage.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is this: the consumer chooses a provider based on trust. The market for treatment is crowded and the marketer’s goal is a preference in the hearts and minds of their audience. We believe that attaining that trust is most effectively done through a thorough understanding of the consumer and a systematic and consistent implementation of on-brand, patient-centered content.

We’re not abandoning anyone

If you aren’t in healthcare, don’t worry. Resolution Athens will continue to provide the same level of award-winning design and customer service that you’ve come to expect. We’re just expanding with a specialty.

If you’re a healthcare or hospital marketer, check out our first blog post on the marketing role of your website. And get in touch below – we’d love to talk to you.

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