We were hired to help Nuçi’s Space with a website redesign and a reimagining of their online presence. Nuçi’s Space is an incredible non-profit in Athens, Georgia. They offer a wide variety of services to the Athens community, most importantly mental health services to musicians in need. This is not a full case study, just a brief look back at particular challenges we faced and the solutions we applied.

Challenge #1: Website Redesign Architecture

Nuçi’s Space offers so many services that organizing and prioritizing their initiatives was difficult. We solved that challenge by first helping them define their primary mission and business objectives, then aligning our website redesign to their goals and funneling traffic directly into those areas of their site.

Here is the before. Each of the main menu items had multiple submenus. The site was difficult to navigate even for those familiar with the organization.

Nuci's Space Before

Here is the after. Traffic is directed through call-to-action buttons at the top for those in need, those who want to help, and those who need more information.

Nuci's Space After

Challenge #2: Translating Hope Online

Another, more difficult challenge was how to best convey the spirit of their organization online. During our discovery phase, we helped them define the core of their organization through six key attributes: culture, customer, voice, benefits, value, and x-factor. Their brand revolved around intangibles like hope, familiarity, and safety.

These are too slippery for words alone and most certainly not headline material. “TRUST US! WE’RE A SAFE PLACE!! FREE YOURSELF OF DEPRESSION NOW!”… see?

Our solution was “I am Nuçi’s Space”, a campaign to capture the spirit of the organization in the words of those helped by Nuçi’s and those who have helped them. We tried to maintain a grass-roots feel and encourage fans to submit their own stories by keeping the quality of the footage accessible.

Here are the first three, all from staff at Nuçi’s Space.

Challenge #3: Focusing their brand

Over the years, they had many volunteers contributing to their blog and social media. Accounts had been added and abandoned, and like many busy organizations, no over-arching plan was in place. The result was a mishmash of tone and visual style across multiple online properties.

We took over their social media accounts for eight weeks during which we took our discovery findings and applied them to establish a consistent voice, look and feel. We provided them with templates in Canva.com and a style guide through Frontify to help them maintain consistency.

Without spending a penny on PPC, we were able to double their reach and engagement. We simply focused their brand.

Nuci's Space Social Media

It was an honor to work for an organization with such a noble cause. We were all very pleased with the results of their website redesign, and though we sincerely wish we could have remained in partnership with them through their fundraising season, we wish them nothing but the best.

Nuci's Space Website Redesign

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