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Over our twenty years of experience, we have developed a lot of strong opinions on marketing, graphic design, web design, and web development. Those strong opinions are loosely held, however, so please jump in and start a conversation.

Print Design: Pro Bono Coffee Labels

Our design firm was built on print design, and it is still Taylor’s first love and area of expertise. Once in a while, we get the opportunity to stretch our design and work on something really fun. This was one of those projects.

The Importance of Branding

What is branding? Your company name, your logo, and your tagline are not your brand. Simply put, your brand is how your audience feels about you.

Here’s to 2016 being over

We took a blow this year when one of our baskets was bought by a larger basket, eggs and all. Rather than retreat, we resolved to rebuild like a phoenix from the flames.

Baked Pasta and Defining Design

I sometimes miss the carefree days of pointless, pretty design, but it doesn’t compare to the deep satisfaction of doing my job well, delivering results that address the real needs of our clients, and exceeding their expectations.

Branding Book Review: The Brand Gap

Marty Neumeier is the Director of Transformation at Liquid Agency. He has a knack for taking a complex topic and putting it into a book that you can finish in a lunch hour but use as a reference for years.

Resolution Manifesto

The success of our clients is our success. We’ve been hired to provide them with the best opportunity to succeed. They are collaborators working towards a mutual win. Because we represent one another, we are careful in our client selection.