2016 in review.

As 2016 comes to an end, we want to thank you for trusting us with your design projects. Without your continued support, we would not be here. So, thank you. We hope that we can continue to grow together in 2017 and in the years to come.

This year presented many challenges and opportunities. Resolution survived these past 23 years by providing great print design and production with a personal touch. We took a blow this year when one of our baskets was bought by a larger basket, eggs and all. Rather than retreat, we resolved to rebuild like a phoenix from the flames.


We changed our name to Resolution Athens and expanded our services to include online strategy, website design, and development. We were honored to provide functional, beautiful, and modern sites for SORBA Atlanta, Nuci’s Space, and Gregg Allman. (Not to mention three designs for Resolution, with a new one on the way.)

Our goal is to build websites that work for our clients, rather than a pretty brochure site that gathers dust. If you suspect that your site may be an internet paperweight, send us an email and we’ll provide you with a professional audit of your site at no cost to you. Let us help you achieve rockstar results online.

Gregg Allman website


Resolution was built on print design and we pride ourselves on providing some of the best around. Here are a few print pieces from 2016.

  • Piedmont Athens Foundation Annual Report
  • Locos Grill and Pub Multiple Themed Direct Mail Pieces
  • Athens Regional Total Joint Replacement Self-Contained Video Packaging
  • VeinInnovations “Before I Got My Legs Done” Campaign
  • Georgia Association for Development Professionals Save the Date
  • KEBA Sandwiches Interior Signage for New Emory Location

Social Media

During our work with Nuci’s Space, we were able to double their reach and engagement. Inspired by that success, we staked our claim on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in October. We haven’t gone viral, but we’re building a nice following.

  • Facebook – 273 Followers
  • Instagram – 119 Followers
  • Twitter – 220 Followers

Et Cetera

We wrote a few articles and published them to Medium, produced some beautiful pitch decks (won some, lost some), provided a pro-bono presentation for the Athens Friends of the Greenway, filmed and edited 6 interviews for Nuci’s Space, volunteered over 100 hours of teaching to Double Helix Steam School, drafted a manifesto, spent a week researching the ROI of social media, codified our design and development processes, and learned a lot in the process.

From all of us at Resolution, we wish you happiness and success in 2017.

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